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8 Tips to Increase Organic Reach of Your Facebook Posts

We all know the struggle is real. Buying Facebook likes UK seems to be the only way. But nothing is less true! Follow these tips and never worry about buying Facebook likes again.

Post organically on your Facebook business page. What do you have to share now? It makes you despondent.

Fortunately, you have already taken the first step towards increasing your online organic reach! By reading this article. I give you ten tips to make all your Social Media channels, with an emphasis on Facebook, flourish like never before (and buying likes is a thing of the new trend).

And this is what it looks like, or can look like in a relatively short time. By actively posting organically you also generate more and more organic page likes. This is a bit more difficult than overall creating more reach for a single message.

Tip 1: Post an organic message regularly

I know, everyone says this, but where do you get so much content? I’ll come back to that later. In essence, it is important to make yourself heard regularly, at least 4 times a week.

Remember: Not everyone who likes your page will see all your posts. The more often you post interesting content, the more valuable Facebook, its algorithms and its users will estimate that content. That is why buying Facebook likes is not profitable. If you buy likes, they are probably followers who are not interested in your content at all. So no more buying likes… That is very bad for your organic reach.

Post regularly + more engagement (interaction) = appear on the timeline of your likers more often.

Tip 2: Elicit engagement (interaction with your followers)

Ask a question, call for something. Make sure your posts are irresistible. Facebook users only share something if they really want to, you can assume that. Don’t you find it fun, funny or interesting enough to share with your own friends? Then someone else will also find it not worthy enough to share.

For example, look at this article as an example. Do you find it interesting? Are the tips unique enough to share with your network? And if you dive into your target group? Who shares what at what stage of their life?

Tip 3: Alternate between photo, video, text and links

Videos are number one when it comes to interaction. Do they come along in a timeline? Facebook will then play them automatically, provided that the user’s settings have not been adjusted.

So the first few seconds of your video are extremely important. Isn’t it worth watching? Then that user scrolls through and misses the entire message.

A post should almost always include a link, but posting something every now and then without a call-to-action builds trust. Just share something without linking directly to your products or services, do it! Do you use text to attract visitors to your blog? Then make sure you put a nice teaser on Facebook. Just enough to make you curious about the entire article.

Tip 4: Post at different times and days

Post humanly. Especially if you plan posts in advance, it is easy to stick to the full or half hour. Do you do this on a regular basis? Then the Facebook Algorithms know that you are posting automatically and they will give your post a smaller reach.

A few minutes before or after the hour is fine, but do something unexpected.

Changing days is also recommended. For example, if you schedule 4 posts per week, make sure that you post on Mon, Tue, Thurs, Sat one week and on Tues, Wed, Fri, Sun the other week.

Tip 5: Share external content with your own touch

Followers will love you if you also give someone else a spotlight. Have you found an interesting article within your industry? Share it with your own touch. For example, your view on the subject before you sends them to the external website.

Want to get extra engagement points? Then ask your followers for their opinion on the topic.

Tip 6: Reuse content endlessly

There is one rule that has completely turned my online life upside down: 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months.

Now that you know that not everyone sees all your messages, you can shamelessly post ‘duplicate’ content. That rock-solid blog? Post it again with a slightly different teaser.

You can plan everything you post again 2 days later, 2 weeks later and 2 months later.

It looks like this: Thursday is my blog part day, so this article will come

I will share this article on my Facebook business page on September 21. Then on September 23 (2 days), October 7 (2 weeks) and December 7 (2 months).

Are you doing this in a super structured way? Then over time you have a timeline that maintains itself. I no longer have to worry about those posts that only appear in December.

Tip 7: Share something personal, your story

Dare to share your story, show your face and introduce yourself to new followers. This way you can turn users, followers, followers, fans and fans into customers in no time.

For example, at the beginning of my entrepreneurship I discovered that some of my own Facebook contacts did not even know that this was my company! And in retrospect it also makes sense, when it was only known as Textability there was of course nothing at all that linked it to me as a person.

Inform your network and your engagement will also increase.

Tip 8: Plan your posts according to a content planner

Perhaps the most important tip. Plan your posts ahead. A very useful tool for this is Hootsuite, where you can even manage multiple channels at once. So publish one post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other channels with one push of a button!

Only if you plan posts in advance can you apply the 2, 2, 2 rule and only then can you make multiple channels manageable for one person. Sit for 2 or 3 hours every month and plot all valuable finds.

You can even make rules for it, just like my rule is: Thursday blog day, Monday my external blog – for the ZTalks Collective – day, Tuesday unashamedly promoting my services and Friday something about me personally.

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